Tory council hopeful suspended over social media post

George McIntyre.
George McIntyre.

A Scottish Conservative council election candidate has apologised after he was suspended over a four-year-old Facebook post against Muslims.

George McIntyre was due to stand in Bonnyrigg for the Conservatives in May’s local authority elections.

But the party last week suspended him after “clearly unacceptable” comments from 2013 came to light. In the post, Mr McIntyre said he was “sick to the back teeth” of “whinging” Muslims and suggested they leave the country. He was responding to news that a programme to vaccinate Glasgow schoolchildren against flu had been delayed over concerns it contained pork products.

Mr McIntrye told the Advertiser: “I sincerely and unreservedly apologise for any offence which my comments of four years ago may have caused, which I accept were inappropriately made in the heat of the moment. “I appreciate that a calmer head is needed and this is quite out of character for me. I can assure you that the lesson has been learned.”

It follows the Tories speaking to their Dalkeith hopeful, Robin Traquair, for an “unacceptable” tweet suggesting the Queen wanted James Bond to assassinate Nicola Sturgeon.