Trampoline centre leaps to own defence

Shana Swanepoel was injured at Ryze trampoline Centre whilst visiting with her two boys.
Shana Swanepoel was injured at Ryze trampoline Centre whilst visiting with her two boys.

Ryze trampoline centre has played down the number of injuries sustained there since it opened, as one woman told of her ordeal.

The extreme sports facility at Mayfield Industrial Estate is “very proud” of its staff training programme and believes the 104 incidents reported there should be put into context, given that 28,000 people have attended since it opened in early January.

Mother of two Shana Swanepoel (25) from Mayfield suffered a fractured spine and three broken ribs after falling from Ryze’s ‘slack-line’ last week. She said: “I went with my kids, and went on the slack-line, which is a bit of rope you walk across. I fell forward, the line flipped me over and I fell with my back arched.

“I found out after that there was something you are supposed to hold onto.

“I didn’t see it and nobody told me about it. It was about three feet away from where the line was.

“There was a staff member standing there and she never told me to hold on to it.

“I keep thinking ‘what if I had fallen on my children or someone else’s child?’

“I just feel there was far too many people there. I have had nightmares, I could have seriously hurt someone.

“I know I signed a waiver when I went in, but that woman saw me, why didn’t she tell me I was doing it wrong?

“I’m a bit disgusted, I don’t think the staff are trained well enough.”

A spokesman for Ryze said: “We have a detailed employee training program that we are very proud of and we follow the best practices of the industry. We have 23 other parks in operation that utilize these same practices and training.

“In any extreme sport, there is always the risk of injury. We do all we can to make our facility as safe as possible.

“In general, the use of a slack-line, like the use of a trampoline, is fairly self-explanatory. We have customers who utilize the slack-line with the hanging silk line mentioned; and we have many who do not. It is simply based on the preference of the customer.”

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