Potholes “being looked into”

A BONNYRIGG driver whose car has been damaged twice after running into potholes says the problem is so bad, someone is going to be hurt.

Craig Smith (37), from Hopefield Place, Bonnyrigg, said drivers were at risk because of a huge pothole on his home street and several at Dalhousie on the B704 Bonnyrigg to Newtonloan Toll road, which has had one lane closed to traffic on the Dalhousie Bridge for more than 15 years.

Mr Smith, an assembly worker, said he had sustained two punctures travelling over the section of road - costing him in the region of £100 to repair.

“Somebody is going to take a tyre off,” said Mr Smith. “There’s a couple of holes at Dalhousie on the bridge and I’ve had a couple of punctures going over that road. I spoke to the council and they said they are looking into it.”

“Dalhousie is really bad - somebody is going to get hurt there. I drive across that road in the morning and I can’t see the holes because it’s dark, I’m on the road at about 5.30am.”

Mr Smith said attempts had been made to repair the potholes but the problem quickly returned.

“They are just filling the potholes in with rubbish. The stuff they fill it in with is only there for a couple of days then the holes are back - it’s terrible all over Midlothian. I think they should shut off the bridge at Dalhouise and get it fixed.”

Councillor Wilma Chalmers, the council’s spokesman for commercial operations, said: “We are aware of this complaint. Temporary repairs to the road at Dalhousie Bridge have already been carried out. However, permanent resurfacing work is due to start on the weekend of February 5. We are also aware of the pothole on Hopefield Place in Bonnyrigg and this is being made safe as soon as possible.”