Treading over new ground


Television - Friday, June 19

Friday, June 19

Kate Humble: Living with Nomads (BBC2, 9pm)

In her final journey of the series, the broadcaster travels to the southern Gobi Desert in Mongolia to spend time with an extended family of successful Cashmere goat and yak herders.

She is welcomed by 78-year-old mother-of-10 Chimid to learn how the tribe moves four times per year with the changing seasons, in addition to how modern Asian nomads are finding a balance between the benefits of 21st-century technology and traditional living.

Artsnight (BBC2, 11pm)

Next year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, and will see a major celebration of his works.

However, as Andrew Marr points out in the first of a new series of Artsnight, that won’t make 2016 all that different from any other year - the last major Shakespearian event took place as recently as 2012. By focusing so much on the Bard, are we overlooking the achievements of some of the other playwrights of his era? Marr looks at the key players, including Christopher Marlowe, whose own life was as dramatic as his plays, and Ben Johnson, whose satires still have a point to make.