Turbine claims refuted

DEVELOPERS have dismissed claims that plans for a wind farm at Mount Lothian would damage the local area.

As reported in last week’s Advertiser (right) Edinburgh-based Wind Prospect has announced draft proposals for up to 12 turbines on the site. Penicuik Environment Protection Association claims the development would destroy Penicuik’s “crowning glory”.

However, Colin Williams, senior development manager with Wind Prospect, said: “Contrary to the claims made by Professor Tony Trewavas [PEPA chairman], the nearest turbine would be more than 3km from the edge of Penicuik. It is complete nonsense to claim the turbines would ‘tower over the town’. Given the topography of the local area, the level of visibility of the wind farm from Penicuik would be negligible.

“It’s worth bearing in mind that the Mount Lothian site lies outside the local Area of Great Landscape Value and is almost 6km from the nearest edge of the Pentlands Regional Park.”

Mr Williams strongly refuted claims that Wind Prospect was seeking to ‘bribe’ the community.

He said: “At the recent public exhibitions hosted in Howgate, Eddleston and Penicuik, we received a wide range of feedback about the proposal, both for and against.

“Members of the local community were receptive to our proposals to establish a community benefit fund as part of the Mount Lothian wind farm proposal.

“If approved, we are convinced the Mount Lothian wind farm proposal would deliver significant benefits to the local community in terms of generating investment, supporting and creating jobs and providing funds to help deliver local needs.”