Two week wait just to talk to Gorebridge GP

Newbyres Medical Centre
Newbyres Medical Centre

A patient at Newbyres Medical Centre has hit out after being told he would have to wait two and a half weeks to speak to a doctor on the phone.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, told the Advertiser that he called the Gorebridge practice as he had to get a doctor’s advice before taking his medication.

However, the medical centre was defended by its patients’ group which described waiting times as a “nationwide problem”.

The angry patient said: “I phoned the surgery and asked to speak to a doctor, I was told it would be two and a half weeks. I said ‘That’s not on, it would take 10 seconds’.

“Anytime I have been to the surgery I have waited a long time, up to three hours. It’s unbelievable, really bad. It takes out more than half your day.

“Clearly it’s a staffing issue. I don’t blame the practice manager, I don’t blame the staff, but somebody needs to do something.”

Newbyres Patient Participation Group chairman David Robb said: “It is a problem at Newbyres, but we understand that it’s a nationwide problem.

“We get access to facts and figures so we can see both sides. The massive problem is the lack of GP cover.”

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