Update on council home plans for Midlothian

Midlothian is pressing ahead with its plans to build 420 more council homes at a cost of £63 million, but further sites are still required for 102 of these homes.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 11:58 am
New council homes will be built at Newbyres Crescent, which is currently under demolition

Last week’s Cabinet meeting at Midlothian House was given an update on the progress made on the council’s programme for building council homes in the county.

Phase one of the council housing programme provided 864 additional council homes with the Midlothian area over a period of seven years, at a cost of £108.7 million.

Phase two planned to deliver a further 420 council homes by 2018 with funding from the council’s capital plan. But further sites are still required to complete the remaining target of 102 units.

The delivery of these final sites is expected to be made during 2019 subject to site availability.

Completed sites include 14 mainstream homes and one home for young people at Woodburn Road, Dalkeith, 32 extra care flats and 47 mainstream homes at Eastfield Drive, Penicuik, and 14 mainstream homes at Jackson Street, Penicuik.

Sites currently under construction include 41 homes due for completion in October at Edgefield Road, Loanhead, 37 homes at Stobhill Road, Gorebridge to be completed in April 2017, and 18 homes at Polton Street, Bonnyrigg, programmed for November 2016.

While ,work is set to get underway this month to build a further 32 homes at Stobhill Road, Gorebridge, due to be completed by May 2017.

The demolition and re-building of the controversial gas-hit street in Gorebridge, Newbyres Crescent, is due go to tender this year, with 66 homes anticipated to be completed early in 2019.

Further possible sites in Mayfield and Penicuik are currently being considered.

Councillor Derek Rosie said at the meeting: “It’s very good to see that we are pushing ahead with house building in Midlothian.

It’s good that the Stobhill site is going to be ready next year. In view of the problems we had at Newbyres there was a lot of people that identified Stobhill as the place they would want to stay.”

Councillor Kelly Parry added her delight at the progress being made: “I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out how important this is in terms of our demographic.

“I think we are doing incredibly well to address these changes.”