‘Urgent’ library repairs made after two years in Newtongrange

Newtongrange Library: angry locals outside the library in 2013
Newtongrange Library: angry locals outside the library in 2013

Repair work marked as urgent by council officers in plans to demolish community facilities has finally taken place at one of the buildings.

Newtongrange Community Council had been keeping pressure on the local authority to carry out work at the village’s library since June 2013 when councillors voted to keep local facilities despite plans for a new community hub at Newbattle High School.

As part of public consultations in February 2013 many of the buildings under threat were highlighted as needing urgent maintenance work.

Ron Campbell from the community council is relieved it is now being carried out at Newtongrange Library, he said: “The council has told me it is now all going to get done.

“I’m relatively happy that we are going to get these problems resolved but it’s disappointing that we had to go to chief executive level to get something done. That’s the sad bit about it.

“But now most of the work has been done and I’m told the rest will be done. All we can do is keep an eye on it.”

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