Veterans make emotional visit to WW1 graves

Midlothian veteran George Gowans
Midlothian veteran George Gowans

Visually impaired veterans from Scottish War Blinded have returned from the battlefields of World War One.

As part of the charity’s centenary programme, the veterans visited various sites in Belgium where the first lethal gas attacks were launched during the second Battle of Ypres in 1915.

This lead to significant numbers of Allied war blinded and the foundation of charities such as Scottish War Blinded.

Midlothian veteran George Gowans said: “It was such a memorable trip to the battlefields. It’s very difficult not to be moved when you visit the war graves where there’s thousands of grave stones disappearing into the distance.

“I was also amazed with how well-kept the cemetaries were. They are a real fitting tribute to the men who lost their lives during World War One. I had an uncle who died during the Battle of the Somme.

“At the memorial we didn’t think we would find his name considering how many there are, but I was lucky enough to find it. I took a picture of his name which I now have at home.”