Village trying to find its rhythm with a new samba band

Locals are being encouraged to drum up community spirit by joining a new samba band being launched in Pathhead.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 8:00 am
Pathhead Community Samba Band, which is getting off the ground and is looking to recruit new members

Jenny Gardner is behind the Pathhead Community Samba Band, which will start on May 3 with a free meeting at the village hall at 6pm. It will be open to anyone aged seven or over.

It will thereafter meet every Thursday, costing £1.

Jackie McNair, who runs the Pathhead Youth Project, said: “It’s something I have been thinking about for quite a long time. As we used to have an adult band based on samba drums with a wee bit brass. So the idea of doing a community band has been sitting at the back of my mind for a while.

Pathhead Community Samba Band.

“I knew the Ormiston Parade was on the horizon and I thought that was a great idea to work towards. There is also an event at Tynewater Primary we could perform at.

“The first one will be a taster session. Anybody that’s interested can come along and have a wee try. No experience whatsoever is needed. Anybody can come along.

“We have no maximum age limit so it’s inter-generational and will bring the community together. And it gives people something to be proud of.

“In the long-term it can be a fundraising vessel. Become something that’s an asset for the community as well as good fun. I have got a feeling we will get quite good numbers.

Pathhead Community Samba Band.

“When the Pathhead Music Collective got money for the Creative Places award, one of the things we used it for was the equipment we will use for the samba band.

“We have got enough for about 20 people, so we might need more. I know enough people to get extras from if we need to. We could also go for funding for more if required.”