Virus warning for care homes

Scotland’s care regulator has urged people visiting their family and loved ones in Midlothian care homes to continue to be vigilant against spreading infections, especially during the winter months.

The Care Inspectorate has warned care home visitors to take precautions in order to prevent the spread of infections and bugs during the winter – including infections such as norovirus that can be present in the community and can spread rapidly between residents, visitors and staff in care homes.

Margaret Tannahill, the Care Inspectorate’s Consultant Nurse for Infection Control, said: “During the winter months, the spread of certain infections and diseases such as Norovirus can be a big challenge for those in care homes where many people are vulnerable to infection and this can also appply to visitors such as older people or young children.

“If you are visiting a family member or loved one in a care home, it’s vital that you remember that your actions can have a dramatic effect on their health and that of others if you do not take the necessary precautions.”

In order to limit the spread of infection, the Care Inspectorate is promoting a list of the most important tips to remember when visiting a care home. These include: wash your hands regularly with soap and water; don’t visit a resident in a care home if you are feeling unwell and speak to any staff member if you have any concerns about hygiene in the care home