Walk this way for a musical festival


BBC Proms 2013

(BBC Two, Friday, 8pm)

What’s It All About? What’s the biggest, most eclectic music event being covered by the BBC this year?

You could be forgiven for thinking Glastonbury, given the recent wall-to-wall coverage, not to mention those reports about the Beeb sending 297 staff to Somerset.

But Glastonbury only lasted three days, while this year’s Proms last for the best part of two months and boast a line-up that’s arguably even more varied than anything you’ll experience standing in a muddy field.

In other words, if you thought the Proms was solely aimed at a hardcore contingent of Union Jack-waving classical buffs, then this is the year to finally give it a chance.

Yes, there’s plenty of classical music, but there are also some slightly more unexpected additions, including gospel, jazz, urban artists, and a tribute to Doctor Who.

The Proms kick off in a traditional fashion though, as Katie Derham introduces an evening of music on a sea-inspired theme by English composers Vaughan Williams and Britten, as well as Paganini variations by Rachmaninov and Lutoslawski.