Weather thwarts Ironmills Steps work

Recent severe weather has caused soil movement at the landslip on Ironmills Steps, Dalkeith, resulting in previous stabilisation work displaying signs of stress.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 8:23 am
Ironmills Bridge in Ironmills Park, Dalkeith. The bridge remains closed but is open as a viewpoint becasue of work further up the slope to prevent landslips

Several steel pins which are affixing the soil retention netting to the slope now show signs of soil movement while soil pressure has also increased at the larch retaining wall. Work to reopen the steps, closed since January 2016, will continue with designs and costings drawn up for a new wooden step structure, which will be fitted adjacent to the larch retaining wall. However, this work will not commence until the slope is stable and finances in place.

The public are strongly advised for safety reasons to refrain from accessing the area of landslip at Ironmills.