Wedding photo uncovers African adventure for Mayfield couple

Willie and Myra Thomson on their wedding day
Willie and Myra Thomson on their wedding day

The mystery of a wedding photo has been solved, thanks to an eagle-eyed Advertiser reader – and has uncovered an African adventure.

In our May 9 edition, Jackie Ralston from Easthouses asked if anyone recognised the photograph of a couple at their wedding, which she found amongst her uncle’s belongings.

Two people contacted the Advertiser to reveal that the happy couple were Willie and Myra Thomson who had emigrated to South Africa.

Their daughter Mandy, who is now back in Midlothian, revealed that the photo was taken at Newtongrange Church on March 3, 1962.

The Thomsons lived in Langlaw Road in Mayfield until 1972, when Willie got as a job as an underground electrician at a power station in South Africa.

The entire family moved to Ermelo, a town 250 kilometres south-east of Johannesburg, with the children enrolled at local schools.

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