Welfare reforms’ cost to community

Benefit changes are hitting Midlothian's worst off
Benefit changes are hitting Midlothian's worst off

Welfare reforms introduced by the Wesminster Government are costing Midlothian residents £25 million in lost benefits, a study has claimed.

The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University has looked at the local and regional impact of the changes to benefits.

The report examined the effects of a number of areas covered by welfare reform, including the ‘bedroom tax’ and household benefit cap.

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It adds: “The impacts of welfare reform are very substantial – an estimated loss of income of approaching £19 billion a year once all the reforms have been fully implemented, or an average of £470 a year per adult of working age across the whole of Britain.

“For some of the individuals affected by the changes the loss of income is much, much greater.

“What is also clear, however, is that the financial losses arising from the reforms will hit some places much harder than others.”

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