What is our Olympic legacy?

LOCAL sports clubs are keen to pick up as many youngsters as possible, inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Freya Murray was Midlothian’s sole Olympic representative at London 2012, as a late Team GB replacement in the marathon for Paula Radcliffe.

She was trained by Lasswade Athletics Club, who say they have seen a huge rise in the number of local youngsters wanting to follow in Freya’s footsteps and are struggling to keep up with demand.

Club secretary Norrie Kristoffersen said: “There has been an absolutely huge upsurge in people joining the club since the Olympic Games.

“We can’t deal with the amount of kids we have got. Which is great, but we could do with coaches being inspired by the Olympics too!

Newbattle Community High School has recently received the good news that it will be rebuilt and they are sure to be hoping that they can offer locals the best sporting facilities, like those at the nearby Dalkeith Community Campus.

Newbattle’s head of PE, Bob Foley, said it was too early to tell if the Olympics in particular had left a legacy.

Donald Anderson, sports co-ordinator and PE teacher at Newbattle, is more involved with activities outwith school hours. He believes local kids have been inspired by the summer of sport and are enjoying a host of sports they never knew existed.

He said: “I would say we are offering more classes this year and we think the Olympics have inspired the kids, especially the young ones. There has definitely been a good up-take.

“There has definitely been a huge uptake in the amount of clubs on offer this year and that has helped.”

So it seems that local youngsters have been inspired by the Olympics and are keen to partake in all sports including new ones.

And with Scotland hosting the Commonwealth Games in two years, the organisers of Glasgow 2014 will be hoping to continue the feel-good factor London 2012 has created for sport in this country.

Midlothian sports clubs will also be keen to build on this recent momentum and create a real legacy from this summer’s games – a generation of people inspired by sport.

If you are interested in coaching at Lasswade Athletic Club, email caroline.wylie@midlothian.gov.uk

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