What’s new in interiors

Our homes have to fulfil many roles but surely one of their most pleasing is providing a backdrop to display our personal possessions.

Whether they’re treasured collections, family photographs or just random pieces and knick-knacks accumulated over the years, they give our homes character and reveal a little of our personality and taste.

It could be argued that their value is more than merely visual decoration. The sight of an ornament or photo which triggers a pleasing memory can lift our spirits or simply enhance that satisfying feeling that we’re ‘home’.

Displaying our possessions to the best effect is well worthwhile, but all too often they end up rooted in the same place for years – with the result that familiarity can dull their effect.

“Paying a little attention to display can reap huge rewards,” says Geraldine James, whose new book Creative Display gives a fascinating glimpse into homes where the predictable is avoided and possessions are arranged artfully, innovatively and quirkily.

“It takes a little courage to be individual in a home, but once you’ve taken the leap you’ll have a place which will be interesting, appealing and have eye-catching talking point features.”

We may not all have a collection of antique alabaster busts, unique artwork, vintage wooden toys or stuffed birds and gilded candlesticks – just some of the objects featured in her book – but our own personal effects can be just as interesting and valued.”

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