What’s on television?

Dark, edgy comedies tend to pick up the rave reviews, but do they attract the viewers?

Take In with the Flynns for example. The first series seemed to fly under the critical radar, perhaps because despite an impressive TV pedigree – it’s written by Men Behaving Badly creator Simon Nye – some people thought a sitcom about families dealing with troublesome teens and grumpy grandparents sounded just a little too familiar.

But the show clearly struck a chord with viewers, as it’s now midway through a second series. And this week, Liam is strying to earn a bit of extra by becoming a personal trainer. However, the plan backfires when Julie, his first client, seems to have some very different personal services in mind.

Meanwhile, Kevin is heartbroken when he splits with the mysterious Naimah, despite the fact their romance only lasted two days. And Caroline’s ex-pat parents commandeer the family computer after discovering the delights of online chat. Surely it’s the kids’ job to worry Caroline and Liam by sitting glued to the screen, typing away to all manner of anonymous new friends?