What’s on the TV?

What’s it about? “Celebrity guests, decent bands and explosions. And survival tips. And fighting off an owl in a cupboard.”

Angelos Epithemiou has no trouble summing up what his new show has to offer. And boy does it sound appealing.

Billed by Channel 4 as a six-part studio ‘entertainment’ show, it also provides employment to Angelos’s best mate and sidekick Gupta (Adeel Akhtar).

And even though she may come across as one of the most terrifying women in television, Gabby Logan also appears throughout the series as Angelos’s love interest.

Look Out For: To kick off the first show, Angelos interviews Embarrassing Bodies’ host Dr Christian Jessen and Gupta asks Christian to take a close look at his own personal problem.

And teenage pop sensation Conor Maynard becomes involved in a crazy quick-fire challenge in order to earn the right to sing his latest single, Vegas Girl, on the show.

Angelos says: “Always be honest. But if you can’t be honest, lie.”