Will James beat the banker?


James Corden Does Deal or No Deal

(Friday, June 4, Channel 4, 8pm)

With his Sky1 panel show A League of Their Own, and the fact that he and wife are soon to become parents for the second time, comedian and actor James Corden is a busy boy.

He has managed to find time to try and rid the smug-as-ever banker of all his monies, and has filmed a celeb special of Deal or No Deal.

There was a time not so long back when it was thought the banker had the best job in his industry.

After all, he’d got plenty of cash to throw around, and nobody knew his identity. Although outed a few years back, the fact still remains that he, presenter Noel Edmonds and a perfectly unique game format have ensured this game show is a genuine TV juggernaut.

Perhaps it’s the expert stewardship of Noel which means that the intensity never drops.

Chummy, friendly and occasionally just a little naughty, the most famous of beard-wearers clearly loves every minute of his time on the show.

James is hoping to clinch the jackpot for the Terrence Higgins Trust and Save the Children, and with his friends and family in the audience, does he have what it takes to beat the banker?