World War One - Midlothian remembers

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The Advertiser returns with its regular series remembering the months in the lead up to the start of World War 1 in 1914.

100 years ago Midlothian, along with the rest of Britain, would enter the First World War. 100 years ago this week, however, the people of Midlothian had other thoughts on their minds.

In the July 10, 1914 edition of the Midlothian Journal it was reported that the annual show of the Dalkeith Agricultural Society had been held in “delightful weather”.

While in Bonnyrigg a benefit was held for disabled workman Alexander Easton at the Picture House. The sum of £7 and seven shillings (35p) was raised for Mr Easton, who recently had “met with a very serious accident at the Railway Station”.

In Newtongrange a miner sustained a couple of fractured ribs through an accident in the pit. Joseph Holgate was uncoupling a hutch when the “occurrence” took place and was caught between the hutch and the wall. He received “medical attendance” and was described as “on the way to recover”

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