WW1: Midlothian remembers

World War One logo
World War One logo

The Advertiser returns with its regular series remembering the months in the lead up to the start of World War 1 in 1914.

100 years ago Midlothian, along with the rest of Britain, would enter the First World War. 100 years ago this week, however, the people of Midlothian had other thoughts on their minds.

Saturday was a “red letter day” for the people of Penicuik with the crowning of the first summer queen of Penicuik. Even the sun came out for the second children’s gala day in the town, with organisers taking up the Midlothian Journal’s proposal to make the annual crowing of the gala Queen a leading part in the event’s programme. The Journal commented that the event will “no doubt be remembered by those who witnessed or took part in the proceedings”.

A cycling accident took place on Saturday afternoon when a boy lost control of his bicycle and collided with the railings just outside the Parish Church in Bonnyrigg. Fortunately he avoided serious injury, with only bruises to show for his troubles.

If you have any anecdotes, memories, or thoughts from the time, then get involved here.