Yes-ers mock Alistair Darling in Dalkeith

A peaceful Jarnac Court before trouble broke out
A peaceful Jarnac Court before trouble broke out

A good old fashioned stushie was witnessed in Dalkeith last Saturday when Yes activists turned on Alistair Darling during the Labour MP’s brief visit to Jarnac Court.

A gaggle of Yes-ers were filmed chanting ‘P45’ at Mr Darling, who is the Leader of the Better Together campaign.

You can watch the video here
They also branded the MP for Edinburgh South West a ‘Red Tory”.

Midlothian MP David Hamilton (Lab) said afterwards: “I was severely disappointed at the behaviour of some Nationalist supporters who were seemingly bussed into Dalkeith and who caused trouble.

“Local folk wanting photos with Alistair and even older women doing their shopping were jostled and abused by a mob of Yes campaigners - I’ve never seen anything so shameful in Dalkeith.

“The good people in the Yes campaign must distance themselves from these bullies, but these scenes will only strengthen the No campaign. Local shoppers approached me and told me how disgusted they were at the behaviour from Yes campaigners.”

Midlothian SNP MSP Beattie was among the throng of Yes campaigners. He said: “I – and the entire Yes campaign – have always been clear that the referendum debate must be conducted in a positive fashion and that there is no place for abuse of any kind on either side. Thankfully the vast majority of people are enjoying a vigorous, passionate and respectful debate – which is invigorating communities up and down the country.”