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Sir, – I too was enraged to read that Mr Christie had been charged £7.70 for doing his civic duty and reporting fly tipping through the ‘Dumb Dumpers’ telephone hotline as advertised through our local council’s website, and equally enraged by the “council spokesman’s” reply that it is a national number and the council does not receive any money from telephone line charges.

It is outrageous that members of the public trying to carry out such civic duty should be charged for doing so – but complaining to the papers isn’t the way to get it sorted out.

We have just elected people to represent us throughout the government levels – our Member of Parliament, and local councillors recently, and Members of the Scottish Parliament more distantly. These are the very people who should be dealing with this sort of outrage. For Mayfield, you have a MP – Danielle Rowley, a constituency MSP – Colin Beattie, seven ‘List’ MSPs and three local councillors, Kenneth Baird, John Hackett and Peter Smaill – each of whom has a responsibility towards the residents of Mayfield, including the prevention of ‘fly tipping’. Ask them, and the “council spokesman” to get this ‘Dumb Dumpers’ hotline changed to a Freephone number, and encourage, rather than deter, the reporting of this blight to our communities. – Yours, etc.,

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