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Broadband speeds

Data was based on equipment

Sir, – We’d like to respond to your report (Broad anger at latest internet speed figures) which claims that Midlothian has among the slowest broadband speeds in the country.

The figures you refer to in your report, from the independent Think Broadband website, are not based on the best speeds available to customers, but rather on the various equipment and technologies they are currently choosing to use.

Speed may be affected by many factors, including the customer’s own equipment and wiring.

According to Think Broadband, if everyone in Midlothian used the best speeds now available to them the estimated maximum average speed would rise to 42.5Mbps.

Your report states that BT expects to reach 77 per cent of Midlothian with speeds of 24Mbps and above by 2020. We advised prior to publication that the Think Broadband website shows that more than 80 per cent of Midlothian homes can already access speeds of 30Mbps and above.

Midlothian is currently on track to have fibre broadband available to around 98 per cent of premises by the end of the Digital Scotland programme in March 2018, making it one of the best covered areas in the UK in terms of high-speed broadband.

Unlike more rural parts of Scotland, Midlothian has a high level of fibre coverage from BT’s commercial programme, passing more than 30,000 premises. The Digital Scotland rollout has so far reached another 3,000 premises in areas not included in the commercial plans of any provider, with more coverage to follow in the coming months.

Many people could migrate to the higher speeds now available by discussing their options with their service provider. Local people can check the latest status of their phone line or postcode at www.scotlandsuperfast.com – Yours, etc.,

Brendan Dick

BT Scotland director

1 Lochside View

Edinburgh EH12 9DH

Sara Budge

Director of Digital Scotland

Superfast Broadband

5 Atlantic Quay

150 Broomielaw

Glasgow G2 8LU

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