Letters to the Editor

Gala day thanks

Newtongrange Gala was again, a great success.

The weather was nice and the park was full of locals and visitors enjoying the crowning ceremony and the many attractions.

There are a few people we still need to thank for helping to make the gala the success it was. Gala week events were sponsored by the following local businesses and we wish to thank them for their help and contributions:

Trench’s Keystore, Mike Reilly – Nitten Joinery, Newtongrange Community Council, The Lang Syne Group, The Dean Tavern, The Co-operative and Brem Trotter’s Court Catering

We would like to thank Brem Trotter for supplying the buffet at our Silver Band concert on Wednesday night. Brem has helped us with this for the last few years and we, along with the people attending, very much appreciate this.

This year, Margaret Darcy took photos at all our gala events and has now added them to our website, and we are grateful to Margaret and Louise for this and for keeping our website up-to-date all year.

The gala court and their parents did a great job this year making the streets look colourful with the decorated gates.

As in previous years, Donna O’Raw and Helen Begbie organised the cars for the gala parade, and we thank them very much for taking on this very difficult job and we would also like to say thanks to all the drivers they recruited.

Newtongrange Silver Band and Newtongrange Pipe Band were fantastic on the gala day itself and also at events throughout the week, so a big thank you to them.

Thanks also to Midlothian Council and their staff for all the work done in the park getting it ready for the gala and also on gala day itself.

The council staff are also very helpful at the gala week venue at Gardiners Place Community Centre and Newbattle High School during gala rehearsals.

Dallas Wilson

Gala Chairman

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