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Don’t lose sight of job

The SNP’s former banker MSP Colin Beattie can usually be read in the Advertiser passing along wise words on how this or that would be better if we got rid of the UK. Mr Beattie comments on just about everything, so maybe he can tell us how making Newcastle a foreign city is going to stop the SNP Council in Midlothian from charging £104 per year to old people for their vital alarm service?

Or maybe he could tell us how putting a border up on the A1 will help Midlothian’s young people who now have to travel 13 miles to learn joinery or construction skills thanks to the SNP? There’s a full year to go before people have their say about whether to keep the UK together. It’s time for the SNP to put their obsession with independence on hold for a while. There is plenty of work to be getting on with in Midlothian with the powers they already have and we can’t keep waiting on pause.

Kenny Young

St Davids Gardens, Dalkeith

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