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Remember When

Engraved in memory

I was recently sent a cut out from the paper, which featured a picture of Ian Laing trying his hand at engraving, at the Edinburgh Crystal factory from 1989? The young chap showing him how to engrave was myself.

In the picture you can also see two large square decanters. These were commissions that were done annually for the Edinburgh Festival. The picture engraved on these was the front cover of the Festival Brochure for that year. It could have either been an American ballerina or a Scottish Dancer that year.

How I came to be in Dubai from my beginnings as an apprentice engraver through to master engraver is a long tale. I am not involved in any way with glass production since the factory closed, so a big change was needed on my part.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this e-mail to say my few words, and say thanks for bringing back that memory from my early days in Penicuik.

Derek Fair

SeaBird Exploration, Dubai

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