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A68 safety groups

As spokesperson for the Pathhead Road Safety Action Group (‘Road fears grow after accident’, Midlothian Advertiser, October 24 2013), I would wish to clarify that the Road Safety Action Group referred to in this particular article is a separate group to that set up by Councillor Lisa Beattie and referred to as both “A68 Action Group” and “A68 Focus Group” in an adjacent article. I would also point out that those pictured (as well as Councillor Beattie) represent both the Pathhead Road Safety Action Group (Mrs Helen Forbes) and Tynewater Community Council (Mr Colin Graham) and that we all share the concerns raised. Although I accept that the A68 Focus Group referred to by Council Beattie will consider all aspects of road safety concerning the A68 trunk road within Midlothian: I am disappointed that our local action group is not included in Councillor Beattie’s planned meeting to consider the findings of the long-awaited roads survey carried out by Bear Scotland and submitted to Transport Scotland.

Bob Bertram

Spokesman, Pathhead Road Safety Action Group

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