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Fireworks thanks

Friday saw the second annual fireworks display in Memorial Park, Loanhead. Approximately 1,000 people from the local community and surrounding area came along to enjoy the fabulous display by Pyromancer Fireworks; Chris Mason and his team did the community proud. It was noted on the night that this was one of the best community firework displays seen for many years.

Organised by Loanhead Community Development Association (LCDA), the event was funded by Midlothian Council; Loanhead Miners; MacTaggart Scott; Loanhead and District Community Council and the LCDA fundraiser events held throughout the year. We were also supported by the Premium Roll Company, Ikea and Sainsbury’s, with food donations and volunteers from their staff coming along to support us on the night. Hot food was donated by members of the community. A big thanks has to go to Loanhead Parish Church for their continued support. The event wouldn’t be the same without the church’s involvement. The biggest thanks has to go to the volunteers, the LCDA committee and every other organisation involved in pulling this great event together. Without them this event would not be possible, so thank you.

The event was free again this year – donations were taken at the gates and these, along with selling glow-in-the dark novelty items, raised over £1,000 on the night. A truly fantastic evening to remember.

Gail Prince

LCDA chairman

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