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Newbattle centre

Newtongrange Community Council working with Midlothian Council arranged to hold a meeting to facilitate open dialogue between stakeholder service users and the management teams to discuss any plans for the future and to clarify any outstanding information following the Newbattle Centre consultations. Throughout the consultations we had good levels of engagement with the council and this meeting was to ensure that they continued and were built upon.

The maintenance figures that were given during the consultations did form part of the discussions, primarily on how they were calculated and I feel a concise explanation was given to the satisfaction of all.

The meeting was a very productive one with the stakeholder groups being offered a greater involvement in decision making for our facilities, to ensure that they remain for as long as possible in the communities, something that all council officers and the council leader Councillor Thompson showed full commitment to.

I believe this kind of partnership approach is invaluable for both the council and communities to continue to work together to protect both their valuable assets and I welcome this opportunity.

Jason Ferry


Newtongrange Community Council

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