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Misused process

It seems yet again history is repeating itself in the planning department of Midlothian Council.

Back in early 2013 several residents and the two local community councils lodged commonsense objections to the siting of a 33m high wind turbine at Loanstone where it would dominate the skyline viewed from the Pentland Hills, and from the sitting rooms of homes at Waulkmill and Kirkhill, and for walkers at Cuiken, Deanburn and Queensway respectively.

The outcome was that the application was withdrawn.

However, later in the year when people were holidaying a second application was lodged and under delegated powers was passed apparently soley by the planning officer – despite some 55 objections and that the proposals had been resubmitted and considered without the usual and necessary notification. Now it seems the same covert policy is being applied to an amendment to the proposal, an alteration to increase the height of the turbine, submitted inappropriately at Christmas time.

The proposed turbine is quite out of proportion to the landscape that it will seriously abuse and that abuse to the national grid electricity it will generate – there would appear to be only one arguable reason for the turbine. This misued planning process sadly once again demonstrates how local public servants do not listen to the residents for whom they work and whose lives are adversely affected by such ill-considered decisions.

I object both to this presumptuous behaviour and lack of consultation; and to this inappropriate planning proposal, which being only 370m away from the nearest cottage defies sensible planning requirements.

Dr Derek Cosens

Loganbank, Milton Bridge

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