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PPP row not over

You carried an article saying that the new Newbattle School would cost more per square meter than the much maligned Dalkeith Campus. It is always a wonderful way to compare apples with oranges but it sadly does not work on this occasion! The simple facts are that to fund £30 million for the Dalkeith Campus it will cost the tax payers in the end some £180.4 million.

This fact is simply scandalous and should not be an occasion for self-congratulation for Labour. The then Labour Government in Holyrood were the stooges of the Westminster Government who were the architects of PPP and the Midlothian Labour administration simply did both those financially inept Governments bidding.

Several times those PPP contracts were then sold on at a serious profit by the financial institutions which had designed and promoted them. What is not shown in the cost per square meter is the continuing burdensome costs associated with the PPP which are costing all the parties involved in this unfortunate scheme a huge sum, every single month.

May I recommend that the Advertiser should look into the scandalous cost of PPP with a much more critical eye and not get confused by Cllr Muirhead who thinks it was smart to have adopted “the only game in town”.

Cllr Peter De Vink

Midlothian East Ward

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