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To fight for Midlothian

I can assure Mr Andrews that the SNP needs no propping up. A completely rudderless and divided Labour opposition is simply no match for the SNP with or without my support.

If you do not believe that I am independent, ask the SNP councillors or the officials, they will confirm that I am totally independent and that my only mission is to improve Midlothian after some 80 odd year of Labour misrule. My mission is to look after the people of Midlothian and fight their corner. Labour councillors always had their own personal agenda and were simply not interested in the Midlothian citizens.

Can I assure your readers that there will be a joint currency and a monetary union. Mr Andrews is getting confused by all the political posturing he is hearing. There simply is no need for a Plan B just like George Osborne had no Plan B and refused to be goaded by Ed Balls! Why does Mr Andrews not encourage the No Campaign to come with a Plan A! There seem to be far more “experts” that support the currency union than those that oppose it.

An Independent Scotland will not destroy the UK it will make the parts of it such a great deal better. Scotland will start with a clean sheet, brushing away amongst other issues the dreadful tax legislation of the previous Labour Governments. The rest of the UK will simply require to adopt the new refreshed Independent Scotland approach in due course.

May I recommend that Mr Andrews also reads the White Paper rather than regurgitate drivel as he would be so much better informed of what is likely to happen in an Independent Scotland. Should he take the trouble to do so he can then become his own expert on the very many positive aspects of an Independent Scotland!

Cllr Peter De Vink

Midlothian East Ward

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