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What is the SNP Plan B?

The letter below is one I intended to send to my MSP, Colin Beattie:

Thank you for your sending me a copy of your February Newsletter. It is fun to consider your words now that so many newspaper articles joke about ‘Natspeak’ and compare it with images of the population conditioned by ‘Newspeak’ in George Orwell’s 1984.

You say in your newsletter about ‘Westminster’s Bedroom Tax’ is that “Of course far better than attempting to mitigate the deeply unfair Bedroom Tax would simply be to abolish it altogether”. Has your membership of the SNP removed even the possibility of you having honest thoughts? It certainly appears that you accept no guilt for being a Midlothian Councillor during a welcome period of house building. Let me remind you there were 2,022 applicants (46% of total) on the waiting list that were single persons. You approved the building program that excluded any single bedroom homes and so we find many tenants now with homes too large when so many homeless others need two bedrooms. This is ‘Natspeak’ at its worst, promising everything to everybody without realising the necessity to have responsible councillors. You should be willing to accept the blame for serious errors in failing to consult with all Midlothian before building houses unsuitable for single applicants. Nothing in you newsletter (even in Natspeak) answered what I want to know. A formal currency union has been ruled out and it is clear that a separate Scotland would not be able to use the Pound. I am writing to ask you what your currency Plan B is. I hope you will give people in Midlothian the clear answer we deserve. I fully respect the fact that a currency union with what would be the continuing UK is your preference for an independent Scotland. You are perfectly entitled to set out your first choice. However, you must also outline your back up options now that a currency union has been ruled out by the UK parties. If Scotland votes to leave the UK we lose the Pound. It could not be simpler than that. I look forward to hearing from you further with your Plan B on currency.

Tony Galloway

Mitchell Street, Dalkeith

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