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Site is not suitable

Most of the Environmental Study relating to the nine tall wind turbines proposed for Mount Lothian echoes the report for Auchencorth Moss but a few miles to the west (and for the adjacent Spurlens Rig to the south) – but with the additional stupidity that, apparently, several acres of woodland will necessarily be felled to facilitate wind consistency! Trees, amongst other eco-systems, are important carbon-sinks and to replace a natural sink with man-made (carbon-costly) machines argued to lower Scotland’s carbon foot-print seems counter-productive – particularly as the electricity that will be produced is now largely surplus to requirements. Already several of the existing wind turbines are shut down at tax-payers’ expense so not to ‘overload’ at specific times the national grid requirements. So the user pays twice: for not producing electricity, and for using electricity!

Wind turbines at appropriate sites (Dun Law) are indeed sensible machines to provide domestic power without adding excess carbon to the atmosphere by transducing natural wind energy into electricity – yet the siting of wind turbines is crucial both for human and wildlife environments. As you may know, and Local Plans bear silent witness, it has been agreed long since that Midlothian has no more acceptable sites for over-tall (100m+) wind turbines and in groups larger than three.

Even at sites where such wind turbines are considered acceptable, recent proposed additions have been sensibly refused on environmental grounds. Mount Lothian, Auchencorth Moss and Spurlens Rig, in contrast to Fala Moor, are not suitable sites. This resubmitted proposal by Wind Prospect Developments Ltd is untimely, unnecessary and certainly environmentally damaging. And with reference to their recent post-office-distributed leaflet, the proposers should be advised that unlike geese crested newts don’t fly!

Dr Derek Cosens

Loganbank, Milton Bridge

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