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Pearls of wisdom

Adam Montgomery demonstrated an amazing lack of historical knowledge in his latest letter.

He also leaves out the point I made in the Council Chambers about Ireland. I reiterate that Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom created when a Scottish King in 1603 became King of Britain. We will continue to share British identity and many of the unions which bind this island together after Scotland chooses independence. The point of a Yes vote is to establish fiscal autonomy and an independent democratically accountable Scottish Parliament not, as Adam Montgomery tries to portray, the division or separation of anything.

The three countries he mentions are all members of the Commonwealth which Scotland will join in its own right. These are not foreign countries! Moreover, I note the 1949 Ireland Act of the UK Parliament which states: “It is hereby declared that, notwithstanding that the Republic of Ireland is not part of His Majesty’s dominions, the Republic of Ireland is not a foreign country for the purposes of any law in force in any part of the United Kingdom”.

Scotland will not be a foreigner, it will remain family and friends while the rest of the UK will lose a surly lodger and gain a good neighbour with ongoing ties of family and friendship.

Midlothian and Scotland require positive realists not career councillors who are only there out of self or party interest.

Scotland and Midlothian deserves better. Adam you should retire soonest, you have been there for far too long. Please make room for a younger person.

I assure you I will not stand for re-election and nor should you and most of your New Labour colleagues. Let all of your long serving comrades make room for young ones, those are my Pearls of Wisdom!

Cheers, Scotland has a future, Westminster has a past.

Cllr Peter de Vink

Midlothian East

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