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Innovative thinking

It’s good to see Labour starting to work together with other councillors and officers to contribute to rented housing shortage, after 87 years of Labour in control of Midlothian Council.

Councillor Milligan came up with a figure of £155,000 per house build, including cost of land purchase, which officers quickly pointed out to him. I would like the council to seriously consider “alternative” cheaper build, instead of expensive average UK house price of £254,000, mainly driven by London inflationary housing and land prices.

Solution – IKEA have “kit build housing”, at £85,000, including electric, water supply etc. They keep cost down by using Sweden’s woodland, and increasingly Scottish woodland, if we invest enough, the future is hybrid wood housing. But the shareholder building companies do not want kit built to undermine the more profitable brick and mortar build.

Just look around you at Nivensknowe in Loanhead, housing is a kit built/ caravan mix. Holiday homes are now retirement and family homes, all over Scotland/ Britain, they are a mix of caravan/ kit build lodges, popular and reasonably cheap, compared to bricks and mortar.

Think outside the box councillors! Cut costs, invest in lodges, they are a very good standard now due to demand especially with the increase in the pensioner/ retired population, and great starter homes for unaffordable private housing, putting young people in mortgage debt.

Alan Robertson

Dykes Road, Penicuik

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