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Raises many questions

It came as a slight surprise that councillors ignored officers’ advice to overwhelmingly vote to grant the exclusive use of the Bonnyrigg Leisure Centre to the single entity group Bright Sparks who already have premises in the town.

I have no issue with the work this admirable organisation does for children with disabilities in Midlothian.

What I do find doubly strange is a single issue group can be granted a building that would have much needed multi-community use as recommended by the council officials.

I note that Bright Sparks intend to demolish the front, the largest part of the centre, to eventually provide a specialist play area for their children. One of the seemingly acceptable arguments by the councillors from this group was that they cannot share buildings because of the nature of their work in the specialist field they are in! This suggests that it is impossible to make their unit self contained within the structure of the centre. Who is kidding who with that argument?

Another argument accepted by our elected representatives for granting single entity use was that unless it was this way they would be unlikely to attract funding streams from Children in Need etc. I think not if your case is good enough.

Questions must be asked by the public of the role of our councillors in this decision and are we the ratepayers going to pay for the demolition of the remainder of the centre, the new frontage desired by Bright Sparks and the new specialist play park? Only time will tell. This decision poses far too many questions of our elected representatives and as such does not sit well in the Bonnyrigg community, irrespective of their general support for the work Bright Sparks do for disabled children.

W Taylor

Park Crescent, Bonnyrigg

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