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People aren’t daft

Alan Lessels’ letter last week is a perfect example of how the SNP are desperately trying to pretend that voting for Independence is somehow a left-wing option, or will magically give us the opposite of the Tories. People aren’t daft, so I can’t see many folk believing this. Firstly, Alex Salmond has said he will use Independence to cut Corporation Tax by 3%, which could cause a tit-for-tat race to the bottom where the rest of the UK and Scotland would constantly bid for companies by saying “tax is lower here”. Sounds like a Tory dream to me.

Secondly, Alex Salmond has said that in an independent Scotland he won’t follow Labour’s lead and force the energy companies to freeze the bills that rip us off. More good news for huge companies.

Thirdly, Mr Salmond has said that he won’t impose a 50% rate of tax on the very wealthy, unless that’s what Westminster does, because he wouldn’t want Scotland to be the odd one out. Labour supports a 50% rate of tax across the whole of the UK. The way to get the country that Labour voters want to see is to vote No, keep the UK together and vote Labour at the general election in nine months’ time. Splitting up the country would be forever, and risks jobs, pensions and our place in the world. People will make their own minds up on this big decision, but please don’t do it on the false claim that Independence is the option for social justice.

Kenny Young

St Davids Gardens, Dalkeith

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