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People aren’t daft

I sincerely believe that people aren’t daft (letter Kenny Young) and if they like me took the trouble to liken Scotland with five European nations all of a similar size to Scotland they cannot possibly want to vote NO! Let us examine GDP per head and average age of the population: Norway $100,000 + 80 years, Switzerland $80,000 + 85 years, Denmark $70,000 + 80 years, Finland $47,000 + 80 years and Eire $45,000 + 75 years. While the whole of Great Britain only scores $38,000. But we can now separate the age question and it is 78 in England but only 70 in Scotland, how shameful is that!

Furthermore there is ample research undertaken (Deputy Principal Glasgow University writing in the Sunday Times last month and the recently retired Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns) where countries that become Independent improve their nation’s health. Does anyone really want to be part of a nation that builds a new aircraft carrier which came out 100% over budget and is not able to have British planes land on it nor spend time in UK waters as there is no infrastructure to serve her so she has to find her main base in Virginia USA.

To add to it all they are building a second identical one! Or keep Trident which is a Cold War outdated concept where we cannot fire a missile without Uncle Sam’s say so and it cost almost 25% of the annual UK Defence Budget. By voting Yes Scotland is able to have a seat at all the crucial top tables on the world stage and look after its own interest.

Peter H J de Vink

Edinburgh Financial & General Holdings Ltd, Temple

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