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Praise for youngsters

We have had very bad incidents in Woodburn recently and the write up in the press paints a bleak picture of the area. It has been very difficult for the other residents who live in the same area and who are law abiding citizens coping with the fall out of the incident and its consequences. Thankfully there is some positive side to life in Woodburn/Dalkeith as I attended the Dalkeith High School Senior Awards on Thursday September 4 and, as usual, these award ceremonies highlight the great work done by our young people not just academically but work in their communities as well.

The teachers and parents have a right to be very proud of the achievements of the youngsters for their educational abilities.

However, there were awards gained highlighting other community based activities. There were Saltire and Youth Awards for hours of volunteering and several young people got Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards and will be going on to other levels.

This was the positive side of our young people from Woodburn/Dalkeith area so we must never forget that our community has a lot of young people to be proud of and we should not allow certain individuals to tarnish it with their extreme and dangerous behavior.

Margot Russell

Dalkeith Ward Councillor

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