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Shortfall blame game

I write with regard to the comment in October 2 article “Council Cash Shortfall” in which Owen Thompson (SNP) tries to infer the Westminster connection, George Osborne etc etc, is the only reason why we have a shortfall in our council’s coffers – someone else’s fault yet again, shame on you!

Can I suggest Mr Thomson encourages his colleagues at Holyrood to introduce a progressive local income tax so that all eligible citizens who can pay and use the services of local authorities (LAs) throughout Scotland contribute something, rather than the current situation of freezing council tax payments year after year thus forcing them into ever increasing cuts which affect us all and in particular the vulnerable.

(Perhaps his colleagues now feel this option is too much like the dreaded “poll tax”). Furthermore the latest ramblings from Mr Thomson alluded to the £8 million that remains unpaid by Midlothian residents and not using the voters roll to aid the process of recovery.

I should like to remind Mr Thomson and Mrs Grahame (SNP), the vast majority of people found the money to pay the “poll tax” whether they agreed with it or not.

Can I/we law abiding citizens have a rebate or should we just stop paying our council tax in the hope that will also be written off in the future?

I am sure that £8 million would come in very useful right now – we could do away with all the foodbanks, pay all the “bedroom tax“ and build a shed load of additional low cost/rented housing throughout this, our community.

Perhaps we should have a vote on it – a referendum?

Mr Thomson, any councillor or Holyrood representative should be ashamed at such an unfair proposal, and be reminded by the majority!

M J Tennent


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