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Dalkeith HS memories

I very much enjoyed Christine Grieve’s first article on Dalkeith High and look forward to reading the second.

She said that there were only two first year classes in 1949. In fact, the annexe at Kippielaw had opened in 1948 and the classes in the technical section were based there. Most likely, there were three technical first year classes there in 1949.

She obviously has fond memories of Big Mick. In my day (1955-61), Big Mick taught at Kippielaw and, according to my sources, “he put the fear of death in you!” My Hen Broon was the same Mr Brown, I only discovered recently that in his earlier days he was known as Horace.

I too was taught Latin by Mr Cormack, known as “Wee Corry” or “Wee Eck”. I am told he also played the violin in the school orchestra in the early ’50s.

The Field Club she mentioned always held a picnic outing at the end of the summer term. When I was there, these were held at Barn’s Ness near Dunbar or at Heriot.

For anyone interested, I have recently written a book on 100 years of Dalkeith High, which can be purchased from the school and will be on sale at their Christmas Fair on December 6.

Alan Mason

Dalkeith History Society

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