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Comments ‘a shame’

It was with disappointment that I recenty read MSP 
Colin Beattie’s comments, regarding alleged “politically motivated” questions about his wife’s absence from duties as councillor.

As a regular attendee of the Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council meetings I can confirm that not only have we not seen Councillor Beattie this year but we also have not heard any news from her at all.

We would have expected notification of the situation at least, so that we could keep our community informed. Eventually we grew frustrated and
contacted Councillor 
Beattie’s assistant to ask for information. The official response was read out at the November meeting and that is how the subject came up again. This certainly wasn’t the first time it had been mentioned about how our community has only had one councillor working on our behalf (de Vink), due to ill health, so this was certainly nothing to do with the by-election last week. On the contrary, community councils are non-political entities so absolutely no “politically motivated” activity would be tolerated. Councillor Beattie has always been treated with respect within the Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council and that’s why her husband’s comments were such a shame, as it was felt the comments were directed towards our chairman (Robert Hogg, who stood as an independent candidate in the Midlothian East by-election).

As Colin Beattie knows very well, Robert has worked tirelessly for his community for many years and is not politically motivated, he just wants what’s best for us all.

Douglas Thomson


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