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Grant streams

As an applicant for a number of small grants from Midlothian Council for our local voluntary groups, may I take this opportunity to publicly thank the Grants Team from Midlothian Council on an extremely difficult job well done.

The collation of all grant streams, coupled with the loss of £50,000 from the money available to voluntary groups for next year (with larger cuts to the following years), made the task more onerous than normal, and the refusal of the ‘voluntary sector’ representatives to take part in the ‘grading’ of applications, made the task even more difficult.

However, the wide publicity and numerous grants seminars by the Grants Team allowed us all to understand the process and ensure we provided all the relevant information to have our applications fairly assessed.

The new system allowed all applications to be compared ‘like with like’; it is ‘open’ so we can all see who were the ‘winners and losers’ in the process; and early notification of the results allows less successful applicants to seek funding elsewhere.

Sadly, we could not all receive all the money we asked for, but on behalf of the many small voluntary groups who applied, and were even partly successful, I thank all members of the Grants Team for a job well done.

Ron Campbell

Address withheld

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