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Wake up to reality

Oh, Cllr Young, are you really such a newcomer to Midlothian? Since time immemorial Labour has tried to destroy Midlothian by their inept financial policies. Finally in May 2012 their luck ran out and this administration has tried hard to clear out the Augean Stable which we were confronted with.

Very unpalatable action was inevitable and of course we would have much preferred not to have charged pensioners for the alarms. Had Labour shown greater wisdom in their financial husbandry they may still be in charge in Midlothian.

Fortunately the good folk of Midlothian were not to be fooled.

To suggest that Labour used their best efforts to stop the cuts is a laughable statement. The pathetic £200,000 difference on £3.2m shortfall that they tabled at the last minute in the Council Chamber was only worthy of a primary school pupil’s attempt to stop the tide from coming in. Kenny stop defending the record of your predecessors it has been utterly dreadful. So just wake up to the financial reality that this council is facing. Try and stop Labour’s ostrich position, instead try to walk upright and face reality?

Councillor Peter de Vink


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