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Don’t write off Greens

Colin McLean is wrong to say that “the SNP is the only viable option for Midlothian’s voters who are looking for social democracy, nuclear disarmament and a stop to fracking”. 

The Greens have strong policies on all of those issues but, unlike the SNP, they don’t believe in slashing corporation tax, continuing to burn fossil fuels as if there was no tomorrow and starving local authorities of funds and powers. The Greens stand for real devolution of power and decision-making down to local and community level and for the return of the out-of-control multi-
national-owned utilities, and the rail and postal services, to public ownership where they belong.

Once upon a time the Labour Party stood for many of those things. For those voters who feel abandoned by Labour, the Greens offer a real radical agenda and a chance to vote for hope.

Malcolm Spaven

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