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Retiral is the end of an era

The recently announced retirement of our MP Mr David Hamilton, signals the the end of an era of men from the mining industry representing the good people of Midlothian in Westminster.

Seventy years ago, David Pryde broke the mould followed by Jimmy Hill, Alex Eadie, Eric Clarke and the David Hamilton. All men with strong community roots in the real world of work and with social awareness responsibility.

What now for the “new” Midlothian Labour party? One from the endless politically correct, headquarters acceptable, conveyor belt of “researchers”, lawyers or professional lobbyists and accountants that pack the seats in Holyrood and Westminster.

Where are the horny handed, out in all weathers, construction workers, engineers, low paid shop workers, socialist teachers and medics that used to throw their hat in the ring at this time. How about a food bank supervisor or someone else from the real world to represent the us in this new era of austerity.

The county seems to be bereft of good old fashioned trade union officials who may have done a good job in Westminster but the signs are they are not the flavour of the month down Lambeth or Glasgow way now – they speak back.

We can only hope that a candidate may emerge in the end who will be aware of what hard working families in the constituency have gone through in the last five years.

For David Hamilton, may he have a long and healthy retirement and enjoy a fully deserved return to some kind of family life after a job well done.

W F Taylor

Park Crescent, Bonnyrigg

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