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Regional Park

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot from Christine Grahame MSP on plans to throw money at the Pentland Hills Regional Park. There is no doubt that this area on the outskirts of Midlothian and Edinburgh is one of great natural beauty.

In fact, I gave the Pentland Hills Regional Park my cross-party support in a motion in the Scottish Parliament.

This is because I wanted to see the issues surrounding this beautiful nature reserve brought out into the open.

That’s why I’ve been paying great attention to Ms Grahame’s plans for the park.

The MSP wants more wardens and extensive repair work to paths. Her ideas are all very well – but one vital question remains – who is going to pay for it?

Additional wardens and maintenance work would cost a considerable amount of money to the public purse and funding cannot be made out of thin air.

But this is what we’ve come to expect of the SNP – a party which scraps prescription charges then finds it doesn’t have the money to pay for more nurses.

So who will fund the extra wardens in the park? Midlothian Council being the smallest local authority on mainland Scotland, understandably only contributes a small amount of funding at the moment.

And for the City of Edinburgh Council with all its financial troubles – the funding question is a serious one, one which needs to be answered before plans are taken any further.

Cameron Buchanan MSP

Scottish Conservatives 
Lothian Region

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